About Us

We Care About YOU!

We've been in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, and we care so much about YOU that we want to partner with the incredible people we meet to make the most important days of their lives special. Memorable. Magical. We'll stop at nothing to ensure you feel valued and like the most important people in our world. We want to align to your vision for your highly-anticipated, important event, and help create something your friends, colleagues and family will talk about for years to come.

Great Music

Annette has a lifelong history in music. She would memorize songs even as a toddler, and can usually tell what a song is within 2-3 seconds of hearing it play. Her selector lifestyle started in Canada in grade four in the early 80s, the new kid at school, when her entire class became obsessed with Queen's "We Will Rock You". Not knowing who the artists were, she stumbled upon the cassette at her parents' house, brought it to school with her boombox, and brought the house down (as much as one can at recess lol) when the song came on. From that day onward, she was known for finding the newest & hottest sounds out there. 

Fast forward to the 90s - high school back in the states. She expanded her involvement in music to include hip hop choreography at a professional level, touring in summers & teaching classes of up to 200 people. Several of her students have gone on to become professional, well-known choreographers in their own right, which means the world to her - she loves building others up. 

Fast forward again to her time working at Nike World Headquarters in 2002, inspired by an art installation centered around basketball, Jordans, and most importantly, Hip Hop music, she sought out DJs to learn from & never looked back. She's performed for Vans Warped Tour, Adidas, Honda, REI, and the now-defunct but amazing SisterPDX &  Hitgirl! collectives, multiple PRIDE organizations, is currently a member of the TUF Collective and most recently performed at festival:festival.

While Annette's first love is hip hop, she's a versatile artist that loves creating custom atmospheres at the events she's involved with - whether it be a company party, a wedding, a birthday, or even a memorial service. Her passion is bringing a smile to everyone's face when they hear that one song that makes them want to dance!

Amazing Images

Rob has captured images professionally in 11 countries. His favorite are candid shots, catching someone with a smile on their face when they are so immersed in what they're doing that their true self shines through.

Rob is well-versed in both above-ground and underwater photography, and at times captures amazing video, though his primary focus is still images. 

While he has primarily focused on nightlife imagery, he has the skills and knowledge to make corporate events, weddings, surprise engagements, and family photo imagery stand out.